New Book Releases Worth Reading

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If you’re committed to reading more this year, these 2022 book releases can help you achieve that. From poignant memoir to experimental prose, and finally evocative fiction, this list of books will keep you turning the pages until you reach your reading goals.

Fiona and Jane, by Jean Chen Ho

This debut novel by Ph.D. student Jean Chen Ho explores the way that women and girls express their friendship with one another. The story is woven across several years and told in alternating perspectives of the two women for whom the book is named — Fiona and Jane.  The two grow-up together in suburban Los Angeles. Then, as adults, they part ways, have divergent experiences in the real world, and reunite.

Moon Witch, Spider King, by Marlon James

Moon Witch, Spider King, is the second installment in Marlon James’ dark fantasy novel. So, it is also set in a mythical African landscape. Like its predecessor, the book is inspired by myths and legends that originate in African cultures. This second book is told from the perspective of Sogolon and relays her accounts of the events in the Dark Star Trilogy.

I Came All This Way to Meet You, by Jami Attenberg

The writer of All This Could Be Yours, returns with a memoir documenting the ups and downs of life as a career author. In, I Came All This Way to Meet You, Jami Attenberg vividly relays the struggles, escapades, and successes of her life.

How High We Go In The Dark, by Sequoia Nagamatsu

This first full-length work by Sequoia Nagamatsu is a fiction tale that details the aftermath of an Artic plague. The story spans several hundred years and is told from the perspective of many characters. The characters try to survive, save humanity, or rebuild what has been lost.

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To Paradise, by Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara attempts to find the definition of paradise in this novel. To do so, she writes her novel in three distinct sections that all tell the life story of a different person living in the same house in America. Each section conveys what paradise means to the character it follows.

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