Personalize Your Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator

Any Jeep vehicle on our lot at Walt Massey CDJR is fully customizable. Some choose to go the simple route and amp up their road lighting or tires, while other drivers cannot get enough of the endless Jeep accessories. Find out how you can make your Jeep Gladiator your own with these Jeep accessories!

Wheels and Tires

While the Gladiator comes with generous 17-18 inch wheels, you are sure to fall for the upgrade. After all, bigger is better, right? If you are an off-roading champ, this is essential for your adventures, especially when you consider that a wider tire allows for better traction. You have the option to upgrade to 20 and 22-inch wheels.

On the Inside

It’s the outside of the Gladiator that truly matters, but the cabin is here to impress as well. Be sure to protect your seats and floors with seat covers and floor mats. The next time you’re out mudding or adventuring on the trails, you won’t have to think twice about getting your vehicle dirty. These add-ons allow for easy clean-up. Not to forget, make the rugged ride more comfortable for your passengers with grab handles.

Off-Roading Essentials

If you plan on making your Jeep Gladiator your adventuring partner, investing in recovery gear for off-roading is a must. This will include recovery straps, winches, D-rings, and winch accessories. These accessories will assist you in pulling someone out of the mud if they get stuck, towing, and more!

Under the Hood

The Gladiator is here to keep up with the pace of your adventures. You can never have enough power, especially when it comes to engine upgrades. Consider adding both a cold air intake and snorkel. The cold air intake will increase engine efficiency while also improving airflow to maximize power and performance. The snorkel is there to protect your engine from water accidental intake.

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Walt Massey CDJR

If you are ready to finally buy the Gladiator for yourself or invest in upgrades to enhance your experience, head over to Walt Massey CDJR in Andalusia, AL. Contact us today to hear more about the Gladiator! 

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