Capture All The Summertime Memories With These Tips

Photographer capturing a living room with a DSLR camera

Are you walking through life wishing you could put all of your favorite moments in your pocket? All thanks to technology, and the help of cameras, you can. Although, even if you invest the time and money into buying a camera, once you receive the high-end gadget, it can be difficult to navigate how to capture the premium photos. If you are new to photography and looking to sharpen your skills, keep reading for tips on how to capture professional-worthy photography.

Zoom Isn’t Always Your Friend

While zoom is a helpful tool on the camera, if you want your photos to look crisp and professionally taken, you need to get up close and personal. Moving closer to the view, person, or object is always the better option!

Lighting is Everything

Have you ever heard the term “golden hour?” This is the dreamy time of day as the sun sets or rises, and it is the perfect lighting for photos. If you have a session during mid-day or nighttime, check for harsh shadows, and always seek natural lighting when possible. Schedule your photo shoot an hour or two before sunset or after sunrise, or invest in lighting equipment.

Set Yourself Apart With a Filter

Sure, many photographers can capture nice photos, but the tell-all is how they edit. Whether you purchase a preset online or make the tweaks to create your own, Adobe Lightroom is a great tool to do so. This is where you truly begin to create your signature brand.

Rule of Thirds

You don’t want the main subject to get lost in the photo. Here’s a good rule of thumb — make sure the person or object fills two of the three grid lines.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

You’ve heard it before. Practice makes perfect! Read books, take these tips into account, and find a photographer you admire to shadow.

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