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Take The Whole Family To Tabby D’s

country buffet bar
Out for lunch? There’s a buffet of Southern favorites waiting for you here in Andalusia, so stop by Tabby D’s Family Restaurant! Something for Everyone As a true Southern buffet, Tabby D’s offers a variety of familiar meats and vegetables, plus desserts to end your meal on a high note. Depending on... [read more]

Yard Maintenance For Spring

Close-up of clippers pruning flowering bushes
Most spring cleaning tasks are focused on deep cleaning your home. But, the transition from one season to the next is a great time for you to take a look at your yard! Don’t wait until the season is well underway to start caring for your yard. Here are a... [read more]

Turn Everyday Items Into Fun Bird Feeders

Bird feeder hung on a branch outside
Spring is right around the corner, and the warm weather is bound to bring a few birds into your backyard. So, in addition to sprucing up your garden, attract a few more feathered friends with a homemade bird feeder. You'll love how these DIY feeders add character to your yard... [read more]

Prepare For Spring Sports

youth baseball team
Are your little ones finally old enough to join the little league team? Sure, you paid and filled out the forms, but are you prepared? Check out these spring sports tips for first-timers. Equipment Is there any specific gear your child may need? Most likely, that answer is yes. Whether that’s a baseball... [read more]

New Book Releases Worth Reading

Woman reading
If you're committed to reading more this year, these 2022 book releases can help you achieve that. From poignant memoir to experimental prose, and finally evocative fiction, this list of books will keep you turning the pages until you reach your reading goals. Fiona and Jane, by Jean Chen Ho This debut... [read more]

Ways To Reuse Chocolate

Chocolate Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts
Today is Valentine's Day, which means everyone is swarming local grocery stores buying last-minute cards, rose bouquets, and most importantly, everyone's favorite part of Valentine's Day: chocolate. Once you and your loved ones have dabbled in the chocolate heart boxes, don't let the leftovers go to waste. Try out these... [read more]

Maximize Storage Space With These Tips

Do you have too much clutter in your house? If so, don't wait until Spring to do some cleaning. Tackle the mess now before it gets out of hand. Storage Rules Here are some storage rules to follow that will speed up the process and make your home look fresh and clean: ... [read more]

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep Up With

woman smiling with orange sweater in profile with new year's goals
2022 will be here before you know it! If you are like most, you want to make changes in your life this year, and maybe, you had the same goals in 2021, but they just didn't happen. The best way to accomplish your New Year's resolutions this year is to... [read more]

How To Wrap Oddly Shaped Presents

happy woman gets ready for christmas and wrapping a gift
We have all been there where you have found the perfect gift. You take it home to wrap it only to find that you have no idea where to start. Do not stress anymore because we have a way to wrap your oddly-shaped items, and it might turn out to... [read more]

Festivities Have Begun In Candyland

If you're looking to experience all the wonders of the holiday season, including play cottages, snow, ice skating, train rides, snow tubing, and much more, then you need not head north, but south to Andalusia, AL. Located in what has been dubbed as one of the top small towns in... [read more]