Celebrate Mom With These Fun Kids Crafts

Top view of children's hands over background with art supplies, paints and brushes over white paper

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and you can help your family prepare some charming homemade gifts with these fun craft ideas.

Brighten Her Day

Some handmade candles and candle containers can serve as heartwarming décor long after Mother’s Day has come and gone. The kids can decorate tissue paper with any design or message that comes to mind, and that paper can then be wrapped around an existing candle. Wrap the candle and tissue in wax paper, then use a blow dryer to melt the art into the candlewax. While the paint supplies are out, the family can also decorate a glass mason jar. To let the candle inside shine through, they might want to leave a window space free of paint, and that opening could be a heart shape or any other imaginative design.

Say it with Flowers

While a vase of flowers is always a nice touch, the whole family can get involved in crafting the bouquet with some resourceful household items. Different materials lend themselves to unique petal shapes and varieties, and plastic spoons are perfect for creating a cupped tulip shape. Gather up a few different colors of felt for petals to make all kinds of daisies, sunflowers, or whatever else comes to mind. Popsicle sticks made ideal stems, and a few spare buttons can go right in the center of each bloom. To hold the flowers, you can take one of the mason jar crafts from earlier and insert a family photo to appear in the window space.

More Ideas

Kids love to feel like they’re helping out, so see if they would like to help make their mom breakfast or dinner for Mother’s Day. Let them handle some safe, engaging duties like mixing or sprinkling, and be sure to let Mom know how helpful they were. If they’re old enough to help tidy up, involve them with some chores to let their mom relax for the day.

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