Chicken Noodle Soup To Warm You Up

Bowl of chicken noodle soup

Winter is the perfect time to warm up with a steamy bowl of soup. Known for its comforting and restorative properties, chicken noodle soup is a beloved standard by which all other soups are measured. Loaded with noodles, veggies, and chicken swimming in a richly flavored broth, this soup can be a complete and satisfying meal all its own or paired with crusty bread. And even if your family recipe has served you well for many years, you’re sure to love this version from the culinary magicians at the Food Network!

The Best Chicken Noodle Soup

Any recipe that claims to be “the best” is worth a shot – even if it’s just to prove it wrong. But in the case of this delicious chicken noodle soup, the name fits! This recipe calls for chicken leg quarters instead of a whole chicken, which cuts down the cooking time without compromising the full-bodied flavor.

You’ll build the rich broth by simmering the chicken along with aromatic vegetables – carrots, onion, and celery – and peppercorns, rosemary, parsley stems, thyme, and bay leaf. After the flavors have reached their peak, you’ll strain the broth and add more celery, onions, and carrots, cooked noodles, and bite-size pieces of chicken to the pot. Parsley, salt, and pepper add the finishing touches for a full-flavored soup that will cut straight through winter’s chill.

Rave Reviews from Soup Lovers

If you’re still not convinced to try this chicken noodle soup, maybe a few words of praise for the dish will help:

  • “This is my favorite, go-to chicken noodle soup. Incredible flavor. The fresh thyme and rosemary put the flavors in the stratosphere.”
  • “This is a wonderful chicken soup recipe, and so easy. Really delicious. I will definitely make this again.”
  • “This was awesome! Never going back to my other chicken noodle soup recipes. Game changer.”

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