Tips To Start The Freshman Year Of College

young woman exploring her new school

Over the last 18 years, you have had the opportunity to raise your child. You both have experienced highs and lows, graduations, ballgames, and you have gotten to know their friends and love interests. Now, they are headed off to college for their freshman year, and besides missing them terribly, you are unsure of how to prepare them. Keep reading for tips on how to prep your freshman in college for the new stage of life!

Prepare Them For the Workload

Whether your child soared through high school with all A’s or they struggled through classes, it’s no secret college is more of an academic challenge. Some kids can get through high school with minimal studying, while some B and C students study countless hours to pass tests. The truth is, even your star student needs to understand the change in workload that comes with being a college student.

Not only should they understand the importance of always attending class, but they should get ahead by purchasing books to start their reading assignments. After all, you’ve been there, taking a test wishing you had put in the work. College is like a job, and soon, your child will see that.

Find a Major That’s Right For Them

While some students go into their freshman year with a clear vision of what they want to study with career goals in mind, some don’t have a clue — and that is okay. This doesn’t make them any less ambitious than others, as we all find our dreams and pursue them in different stages. Encourage your new college student to head over to their school’s career center to take an interests test or receive some academic advising.

Job or No Job?

It’s no secret college is a substantial expense, and that goes far beyond tuition, room and board, or books. Day to day, your child will need funds for school and social events, eating out, and grocery store trips. While getting a job may provide extra spending money, it takes away from study time. Sit down with them and weigh the pros and cons of getting a job.

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Find Ways to Get Involved

Was your child a cheerleader or band member in college? Or, perhaps, a member of the math club, a painting class, or the student government president? Although high school is over, there is plenty to involve yourself in during college, and these extracurriculars will look stellar on a resume one day.

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