Deep Clean Your Car With These Helpful Tips


We spend so much time in our cars commuting to work, shuffling kids and pets around, and going on trips that it’s only natural to accumulate a little (or a lot) of built-up grime in your car. Use these helpful tips to make your car as clean as its ever been!

Dust Buster

One of the most accumulated grimes in cars is dust – it gets between your AC vents, on the dash, in cupholders, and in nearly every crevice imaginable. You can use foam brushes, small paintbrushes, small dusters, and a vacuum to remove all of the built-up dust in your car. If you don’t have a power outlet close enough for your household vacuum, a small hand-held vacuum will work perfectly. When you’ve got the details finished, vacuum out the rest of your car, too. It’s amazing how much will


It may seem obvious, but simply decluttering your car will make it feel so much cleaner. Use a grocery bag to collect any stray trash, and remove any accumulated and unnecessary items such as umbrellas, shoes, water bottles, coffee mugs, bags, or other household items. When your trunk and floorboards are clear and organized you’ll feel much better.

Detail Work

Use a magic eraser and/or a damp cloth to remove any sticky patches that may have accumulated over time. If grime is embedded in your car’s vinyl or leather, you can scrub it away with a toothbrush to have it looking good as new. You can spray your carpet floor mats with stain remover and throw them in the washing machine, too – they’ll be good as new after a spin and rinse.  If you have all-weather or rubber floor mats, a little soapy water and a hose should do the trick of blasting away built-up dirt.

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Keep It Fresh

Once you’ve got your vehicle looking and feeling shiny and new again, consider keeping a simple DIY air freshener inside a cup holder for lasting scent control. Put 3/4 cup of baking soda in a small mason jar with 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Instead of screwing the metal lid back on, cut a small, round piece of breathable fabric (linen, lace, or burlap work well) and use the lid ring to screw the fabric in place.

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