Don’t Let Leftover Candy Go To Waste

Orange plastic halloween bucket filled and overflowing with candy

It’s almost Halloween, which means, on Sunday, October 31, your kids are going to swarm the house at the end of fright night with bags full of sugar. Sure, they’ll munch down on their favorites and take some treats to school the next week, but that still leaves several bowls full of Halloween candy around the house. Don’t let the leftover sugar go to waste!

Make a Donation

Candy makes you happy, so it will do the same to others. Instead of letting your sweet treats go to waste, donate them to make sure they satisfy someone else. Operation Gratitude sends candy to first responders and deployed troops. Soldiers’ Angels Treats For Troops sends donated candy to deployed service members and veterans. Making a donation of leftover candy is 100 percent free for you, and it will spark a big smile on their face – and satisfaction for their taste buds!

Whip Up Candy Blondies

Have you found yourself left with lots of chocolate candies, like M&Ms, Peanut Butter Cups, or Milky Way Bars? Instead of simply eating candy, why not incorporate them in a cookie bake? You can whip up a basic cookie dough, and instead of tossing in chocolate chips, chop up your candy and toss it in the cookie dough. These can be made in brownie form with a 9×13 pan or scooped onto a baking sheet as cookie form.

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Munch on Halloween Chex Mix or Popcorn

More of a salty and sweet snacker? This Halloween Chex Mix is simple to make and absolutely delicious. Combine pretzels, Chex cereal, and then pour a butter glaze, and brown sugar and vanilla on top. Bake on a cookie sheet, then let cool. Stir, then add in your favorite chocolate candies you have on hand. If you are looking for a simple snack to send with the kids to school, you can go ahead and pre-package it in plastic bags once it is cool.

Another salty snack no one can resist is popcorn! Not sure about the chocolate and buttery, popcorn combination? Don’t diss it until you try it. Throw in Milk Duds or M&M’s, and prepare to be amazed.

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