How To Safely Tow Any Load With Your RAM Truck

ram truck towing a boat

With powerful engines and cutting-edge technology, RAM trucks are built for tough towing duties. Check out this guide to optimize your truck for safe and efficient towing.

Towing Safety

Safety should always be everyone’s top priority on the road, and drivers must be all the more vigilant when they’re pulling a weighty trailer behind their vehicle. It starts with keeping aware of your surroundings and giving yourself plenty of distance between your truck, trailer, and other vehicles. It’s also important to gauge tire pressure on your truck and trailer before heading out, and check your mirrors to ensure clear visibility. To bolster safety, RAM offers a range of driver assistance systems like forward collision warning to alert you of potential hazards.

The Right Connections

The type of trailer you need to tow will determine the tools you need for the job. There are a variety of trailer hitch receivers designed to accommodate different situations. If you’re towing something weighing 2,000 pounds or less, a class one receiver should do the job. The numbers and component sizes increase all the way to the class five receiver, which is called on for payloads of 17,000 to 23,000 pounds. For larger trailers, you can use a weight distribution system for optimal balance.

Parking with a Trailer

In some cases, the last few feet of your journey can be the most challenging. When you need to park a cumbersome trailer and there’s no room for error, it pays to have the right tools to get the job done safely. That’s why RAM offers smart trailering assistance systems like the optional 360-degree surround-view camera to help you survey the space around your payload as you guide it into place. You can also take advantage of other available tools like reverse guidance and auxiliary cameras for clear perspective on a tricky situation.

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Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

When you have a job to do, you can count on a RAM truck to get it done with all the power and control you need. You can also count on our team here at Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to help you find the right truck for the right price. Have a look around our online selection to see what’s on the lot and ready to go today.

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