Kid-Friendly Recipes For Any Day Of The Week

Are you tired of spending your vacation funds at the drive-thru? While it’s inevitable for kids to be picky eaters, and sometimes, busy schedules only allow time for fast food, continually eating out is sure to eat up your bank account. Whether you need a kid-friendly recipe to fill your child’s lunch box, or to serve your family a simple dinner, keep reading for these fresh ideas.

Prairie Sushi

Mom and dad, do you love make-your-own sushi night at home, but your kids haven’t hopped on that food train just yet? Make yourself your favorite spicy tuna and crunchy shrimp roll, and then, make these prairie sushi rolls for your child. These kid-approved snacks are filled with cream cheese, basil, parsley, turkey, carrots, cucumber, and more. Not only are they yummy, but they are the perfect way to squeeze in a helping of fruits and vegetables.

Chicken Nuggets

This chicken nugget recipe will put your child’s favorite, Mcdonald’s, to shame. Coated in egg wash and breadcrumbs, these nuggets will come off the stove ready to be devoured. Although, chicken just isn’t the same without dipping sauces, so make sure you have your family’s favorites on hand, from ketchup to honey mustard, ranch, barbeque, and more. These 25-minute bites of heaven are far more nutritious than any nuggets you can grab in the drive-thru, and your child will be begging for them every night after just one bite.

Pasta Salad

Grilling meat and looking for the perfect side dish? This 30-minute pasta salad is filled with bacon, mayonnaise, grape tomatoes, cheddar, basil,  green onions, and more. For leftovers, store the pasta in an airtight container in the fridge, and whenever your next pasta craving occurs, open the fridge, grab a fork, and dig in! For school lunches, this pasta salad keeps well, as it is served cold.

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