Men’s Fashion Trends For 2021

Smiling man outdoors in the city wearing orange sweater.

Although Andalusia benefits from a mild fall and winter, fall and winter fashion aren’t off the table. These fall/winter 2021-2022 menswear trends can be easily adapted for a southern winter, especially because many allow for easy layering. Check it out!

Suave Shades

Every season has its on-trend colors, and this fall and winter red and caramel are the stars of the show. It’s not just fire-engine red and Werther’s Original-caramel that are in, however, you’ll be on-trend with any of the varying shades and degrees of these hues from burgundy to sandy tan.

If you’re going for a very in-the-moment look, opt for a monochromatic look with one color from head to toe (though you can vary the shades). If you want a look that’s more subtle, try using a shade of red or caramel as a pop of color on your accessories like hats, belts, and shoes.

90s Throwback

Fashion is cyclical, and it’s the 90s turn to be the comeback kid. Turtlenecks, sweater vests, long-sleeved polo shirts, polo sweaters, geometric prints, and both earth tones and bright colors are all making a comeback this fall and winter. The best part is that a lot of these items can be found at low cost at secondhand stores, which is a great option for those who want to test a trend without making a big financial commitment.

Loosen Up

Much of the gravitation towards loose, boxy silhouettes is related to the resurgence of the 90s style, but the trend has been inching in for several years now. Everything from sweatshirts to jeans to sweaters has been loosened up this year, making layering easier than ever. If you’re used to shying away from boxier silhouettes, cardigans are a great place to start! Try a boxy cardigan over your favorite button-down to get used to the style.

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Classic Coats

Some things never really go out of style – like trench coats and puffer coats. Though these classic outerwear staples have never really been off the table, they’re seeing a particular resurgence this year as the weather cools down.  Think Mad Men‘s Don Draper for a trenchcoat and 80s/90s skiing for the puffer coat and stay warm in style this year.

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