Everything You Need For The Perfect Picnic

Picnic basket on a blanket with fruit

When the weather is perfect, you want to get outdoors. You want to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the day. What better way to do that than with a picnic? It is the perfect activity to hang out with others while still social distancing. Check out these tips from Tidy Mom for planning a perfect picnic in the park our even in your backyard!

The Essentials

If you are picnicking in your backyard, you can grab any basket or tote you have around. If you are spending the day at a park, you will want a cooler to help keep cold items longer. Adding some frozen ice packs will help to keep things chilled, too. You will want to have something to sit on, so grab a tablecloth or blanket. Even if there are picnic tables in the park, you can put the tablecloth or blanket over the top of the table to have a cleaner surface. Grab something large enough for the group, or grab a few so everyone can have their own and spread out. Also, think about utensils. Reusable items you have at home will be fine for a smaller group, but you might want to go with disposable items for larger groups. Also, throw in an extra trash bag for easy cleanup.

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The Menu

You can go simple or you can plan a whole themed menu for the picnic. Simple salads like fruit salad, potato salad, and pasta salad are great for picnics. They are easy to transport, and everyone has that tried-and-true recipe they love. Pick two to three side items. When it comes to entrees, you want to pick something simple and easy to eat. Premade sandwiches are great and you can make them specific for each person. Another sandwich option is to bring all the fixings and let everyone make their own. You want to pick food items that don’t need to be reheated.

Once you have all of your picnic items planned, the only thing left is to pick the perfect shaded spot and maybe plan a few games like a scavenger hunt, cornhole, or even charades. No matter where you plan your picnic, it is sure to be a great time making life-long memories with friends and family!

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