Shopping Used: The Way To Go

Salesperson passing over keys to the new owner While the smell of a new car is like no other, sometimes that’s not what’s best for your lifestyle or budget. At Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we carry an assortment of pre-owned vehicles, from cars to compacts to SUVs to pickups, we have it all from a multitude of manufacturers. Although, buying used doesn’t mean old and dingy, as many of our customers drive off in “like new” pre-owned vehicles with little miles and wear. With a lot of life left in them, it just makes sense to save your funds and buy used — after all, it’s the way to go.

Modern Vehicles Are Made to Last

If you are driving around a car from the early 2000s, it’s no secret that set of wheels doesn’t even compare to something fresh on the market. Although, with it being the year 2021, if you bought a used car from the last several years, you are sure to enjoy the modern advancements vehicles are offering today. Not only do they offer luxury, but they are made to last, so say hello to your car for the next ten years or so.

Save Money

The obvious reason to buy used is the substantial savings. In fact, Kelley Blue Book reported that Americans buying new spend on average an extra $13,000 on their purchase — think about all of the fuel, home improvements, and vacations that cash could go towards. Besides the automatic price tag savings, sales tax is usually significantly lower on a used car, as well as your monthly insurance rate. While some may think that the extra savings will be spent on the never-ending vehicle maintenance that comes with used cars, ease your mind with a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

While every vehicle on Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM’s lot is carefully inspected, our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles surpass the requirements, earning the title of CPO. These used vehicles undergo extreme measures to pass the test, based on their vehicle history report, mileage, and further characteristics.

If you’re ready to see what all our used inventory has to offer, head on over to Walt Massey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Andalusia, Alabama. With many vehicles under $15,000, you are sure to snag a deal today!

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