Take A Drive To The South Alabama Speedway

Racetrack with railing

The state of Alabama is famous for its racing, and some of the most exciting races are held at the South Alabama Speedway. Located in Kinston, Alabama, this raceway is unlike any other in the southeast with its high bank, high speed, high action racing. It’s the perfect place for family fun or an evening with friends.

The History of the South Alabama Speedway

Alabama has a rich history of auto racing dating back to the early 1950s. While the Talladega Superspeedway gets all the notoriety, it’s the short tracks that fuel the passions of auto racing fans every weekend. In 1973, South Alabama Speedway was built to keep the tradition alive. Due to its high-banked oval and fast lap times, it is regarded as one of the best short tracks in the state. John and Sandra Dykes purchased the speedway in 1997. They’ve continuously grown the speedway’s attendance and facilities into one of the premier tracks in the southeast.

The Experience at the South Alabama Speedway

Few experiences can compare to attending a race in-person at the South Alabama Speedway. Parents and their kids are likely to have the most enjoyable, memorable, and unique bonding experience imaginable when they attend a race here. This track has hosted racers from every southern state, with some traveling from as far as Texas. That means the competition is fierce and always fun. What’s better, purchase a pit pass and get up close and personal with the drivers and their cars. The Speedway has a very generous seating area surrounding the track that provides a great view for everyone in attendance. Bring your RV and enjoy rooftop views and stay for the weekend.

What to Bring to the South Alabama Speedway

It’s a great idea to bring a pair of earplugs or headphones to make the most of the experience.  Auto races can be very noisy, especially on short tracks like the South Alabama Speedway. The seats are closer together than larger tracks with a more spread-out seating arrangement. This configuration adds to the experience and the noise.

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Events at the South Alabama Speedway

There are a lot of great things going on throughout the year at the South Alabama Speedway. The regular season for Late Model drivers at South Alabama Speedway begins in March and runs through October. There are 15-20 weekends worth of races, with five local classes and a signature race, the Rattler 250. Their schedule is packed with exciting events for the remainder of the season. Check out the South Alabama Speedway’s Facebook page for more information.

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