Tasty Lunch Ideas That Are Easy To Make

Greek style pasta salad

When the craziness of the fall starts up again, your free time goes out the window. As to-do lists and chores start to pile up, you might begin to feel the heat. One easy thing you can do for yourself to increase your free time is keeping your meals, especially your lunches, as simple as possible. We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite easy-to-make meals that you can throw together in a snap any day of the week. Gather some inspiration and try these recipes out today!

Egg Roll In A Bowl

This meal can be thrown together in a matter of minutes, and can be made using only a few simple ingredients. Most of which you probably already have in your fridge right now. Just brown up some ground pork, add it to a pan with a bag of coleslaw mix, and add soy sauce. Top with chili sauce and you have an egg roll without the delivery fee.

Black Bean And Rice Salad

Whip up this delicious and filling salad on a Sunday and have it throughout the week. The colorful flavors of tomatoes, green onion, bell peppers, and black beans all swirl together to create a dish that is as tasty as it is nutritious. Give it a try for yourself.

Garden Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a beloved staple in the lunch community. But this take on it adds a fresh dose of flavor it’s been needing. Veggies from the garden like cucumber, celery, bell peppers, and tomatoes pair perfectly with the rotini for a crisp and chilled flavorful lunch. Just follow these steps to taste it for yourself.

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Vegetarian Burrito

Who says vegetarian burritos can’t be full of flavor? These burritos are made in a pinch, and offer delicious, creamy flavors that will get you pumped for lunch each day. Just make some cilantro rice, cook up the veggies, and roll into a tortilla to form a burrito. Easy as pie, and tasty as pie, too!

Give yourself a break this week, and let these recipes give you back some of your time.

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