10 Steps To Purchasing A Used Vehicle

A father and daughter explore a used car while a salesperson answers their questions

Bargain hunters everywhere know the thrill of getting a fantastic deal on a big-ticket purchase like a used car. There is an art to buying a used car the right way, and by following a few tips, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a high-quality vehicle for a brag-worthy price! Read on to get the inside scoop on the smart way to buy used.

10 Steps to an Amazing Used Car

  1. Determine how much you can afford. Factor in the trade value of your current vehicle and any savings opportunities the dealership is offering in order to figure out your target monthly payment. This number will inform the rest of your search.
  2. Make a list of your top contenders. Consider a variety of brands and do some comparisons to get a better idea of what best suits your needs and preferences.
  3. Research prices. Determine what constitutes competitive pricing on the vehicles you’re considering.
  4. Find matches near you. If you’re shopping a local dealership, you can easily browse the used inventory online using a search filter for an instant list of results that match your specifications.
  5. Check the car’s history. A vehicle history report will give you a clear picture of any damage the car has sustained in the past so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.
  6. Contact the dealership (or the private seller). Make sure the vehicle you’re interested in is in stock and ready for your visit when you arrive for a test drive.
  7. Take a test drive. This is the best way to get a true feel for the vehicle you’re looking to buy.
  8. Get an inspection. A good dealership will have done an inspection before the car was listed for sale on their lot, but it’s a good idea to have any used car inspected before you make an offer.
  9. Negotiate your deal. Using the information you got during your price research in step 3, determine a fair purchase price.
  10. Complete the paperwork. You’ll be able to decide about purchasing extended warranties at the same time.

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