Make DIY Valentine’s Cards With Your Kids!

Valentine's Cards

It’s the season of love, and that should extend to reminding your kids how much you love them as well! What better way to show how much you care than by spending some quality time together making cards for their friends at school? These crafts are simple, adorable, and will have all of their friends smiling from ear to ear. Spread the love this season, and let it begin at home!


Flamingos are just the cutest, and this craft is sure to make everyone grin. Cut a heart out of pink construction paper, glue a feather on the back as a tail, and then use a pink pipe cleaner for the legs and head. So easy and so fun.

Fish Bowls

There are two different ways to go about this one: Goldfish Snacks or Swedish Fish. Both options begin with a cutout of a fishbowl (color it in blue, or draw a wave at the top) and are then wrapped with a clear bag. Add in your choice of fish, and add a fish pun. Close it off with a twist tie. How cute!?


What kid doesn’t love pirates? Hone in on that love with a pirate-themed valentine card. Print out these cartoon pirates (there is a boy option and a girl option), and glue a heart on for the eye patch. Finish it with a pirate pun, and stick some candy on the back.


This one might be the easiest, but it might just be the one kids love the most. Buy however many bottles of bubbles you need, and then tape a message on the front saying “You make my heart pop.” Not only will the kids receive a fresh new bottle of bubbles, but they’ll also have a memorable valentine from their friend.

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Sweet Butterflies

Butterflies are already super sweet, but just imagine how much sweeter they are when they’re made with a Blow Pop as their abdomen. Draw two hearts on construction paper that meet at the tail end, and then cut. Cut slits in the middle to slide a blow pop in to complete the card.

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