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Get The Kids Up And Moving With These Ideas

Girl playing with a jump rope
Children sometimes seem to have boundless energy, and there are all kinds of engaging activities that they can do at home to have fun and develop useful skills. Introduce your family to these activities for recess-style fun any time. Warm Up Before any sort of physical activity begins, it’s a good idea... [read more]

It’s Picnic Season

Now that the weather is so nice outside, it’s the perfect time of year for a picnic. However, when you think of a picnic, the first thought that comes to mind may be a soggy white bread sandwich that just doesn’t have much flavor. It doesn’t have to be like... [read more]

Visit Frank Jackson State Park

Frank Jackson State Park
When the weather warms up like it is now, it’s amazing to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. That’s especially true if you live around some beautiful natural spots. Are you looking for a place to go in your local area? If so, you need to head on over... [read more]

Check Out Three Notch Museum

three notch museum
Need something to do this weekend? Why not be a tourist in your own town and visit the Three Notch Museum! About The Top Notch Museum In the late 1890s, businessmen in Andalusia were offering a $5,000 prize to the first rail line to pass through the town. The Central Georgia Railway... [read more]

Make DIY Valentine’s Cards With Your Kids!

Valentine's Cards
It's the season of love, and that should extend to reminding your kids how much you love them as well! What better way to show how much you care than by spending some quality time together making cards for their friends at school? These crafts are simple, adorable, and will... [read more]