How To Safely Handle A Tire Blow Out

tire blowout

If you find yourself puttering down the road and one of your tires bites the dust there are a few simple rules that you need to follow. The majority of these rules will appear counterintuitive, but they are proper and must be followed if you are to safely exit the road and find help.

The first step is simple. It’s the first thing you should do in every unforeseen and potentially dangerous situation: Remain calm.

Get Control

When your tire blows, your first instinct is to slam on the brakes and peel off to the side of the road. Don’t do this. Instead, remain calm and gain control of your vehicle. Keep your foot on the gas pedal rather than pressing the brake. In fact, you might need to further accelerate to gain full control, as the car will drag and slow down.

The wheels need to continue rolling for you to maintain control. In addition to accelerating, gently correct your steering so that your vehicle remains straight and steady. Once you have your vehicle under control you can ease your foot off the gas pedal to slow down. Don’t slam on the brakes.

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Pull Off The Road

Now that you have control, ease off to the side of the road with your blown tire facing away from traffic.  If you cannot manage this, then make sure the blown tire is as far from the road as possible. You do not want to be put at risk when you go to change out the tire. Also, be sure to be careful when you ease over to the shoulder.

Once you are off the road, turn your hazards on. The next steps are up to you and depends on your level of competency. If you can change out your tire yourself, go ahead and do that. If not, you can call a tow truck or AAA for roadside assistance. If help is on its way, step a safe distance away from the vehicle to wait. Never remain sitting in the vehicle for help to arrive, especially if you car is flush in the shoulder.

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